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Gender, Human Rights and HIV/AIDS
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Human Rights and Gender Equality in Health Sector Strategies: How to Assess Policy Coherence 2011
Human Rights in the Context of HIV/AIDS and Other Sexually Transmissible Infections 2008
The Power Imbalance Between Men and Women and Its Effects on the Spread of HIV 2001
Positive Speaking 2005
'Even if you're positive, you still have rights because you are a person': Human rights and the reproductive choice of HIV-positive persons 2008
Using Rights and the Law to Reduce Women's Vulnerability to HIV/AIDS 2000
Prevention, Treatment and Care in the Context of Human Rights 2000
UNGASS on HIV/AIDS: Women's Empowerment Embraced, Reproductive Rights Slighted 2001
Turning the Tide: CEDAW and the Gender Dimensions of the HIV/AIDS Pandemic 2001