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Women Living with HIV
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Understanding the Promise: Considering the Experiences of Women Living with HIV to Maximize Effectiveness of HIV Prevention Technologies 2014
Positive and Pregnant: how dare you; A study on access to reproductive and maternal health care for women living with HIV in Asia 2012
Unwanted Pregnancies and Abortion Issues of Social Justice for Women Living with HIV 2009
Diamonds: Stories of Women from the Asia Pacific Network of People Living with HIV 2009
Legal Literacy Handbook for People Living with HIV/AIDS 2006
Shaping a New Reality: A Vision Document of the Positive Women Network (PWN+), India 2005
Key Findings from an Evaluation of the mothers2mothers Program in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa 2007
Common Cause, Collective Strength 2007
Women and Girls Living with HIV/AIDS: Overview and Annotated Bibliography 2007
Better Breastfeeding, Healthier Lives 2006
WomenLead in the Fight Against AIDS 2006
HIV-infected Women and Their Families: Psychosocial Support 2003
Antiretroviral drugs for treating pregnant women and preventing HIV 2004
Rates, barriers and outcomes of HIV serostatus disclosure among women 2004
Nutrition counselling, care and support for HIV-infected women 2004
Positive Speaking: Voices of women living with HIV/AIDS 2003
Words and Visions into Action 2004
Reproductive Choice and Women Living with HIV/AIDS 2002
Positive Women: Voices and Choices - Zimbabwe Report 2002
Longevity in HIV+ Mothers: The Need to Promote Health, Household Food Security and Economic Empowerment to Ensure Family Survival in Southern Africa 2000
Positive Living: The Situation of Women Living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda 2000