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Inheritance, Land, and Property Rights
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Property and Inheritance Laws: The Impact on Women and OVC in the Context of HIV 2011
Protecting the Land and Inheritance Rights of HIV-Affected Women in Kenya and Uganda: A Compendium of Current Programmatic and Monitoring and Evaluation Approaches 2013
Engendering Access to Justice: Grassroots women's approaches to securing land rights 2014
Securing Women's Land and Property Rights- A Critical Step to Address HIV, Violence, and Food Security 2014
Securing Women's Right to Land and Livelihoods: A Key to Ending Hunger and Fighting AIDS 2008
Protecting Women’s Land and Property Rights in the Context of AIDS 2009
Gender, Property Rights and Livelihoods in the Era of AIDS 2007
Women's Property Rights as an AIDS Response: Emerging Efforts in South Asia 2007
To Have and to Hold: Women's Property and Inheritance Rights in the Context of HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa 2004
Double Standards: Women's Property Rights Violations in Kenya 2003